Other Local Stones

Green and Red Aventurine is found in the gravel beds of the Yellowstone River. It is actually a quartzite, containing interlocking grains of quartz and other minerals. Small flecks of mica are sometimes contained in the stone.

Aventurine is thought to promote vitality, growth and confidence, and stimulates new growth, optimism, and zest for life.

Turritella Agate

Turritella is a fossil agate found in Southern Wyoming. Its name comes from the Latin “turritus” or turreted. The fossil animals seen in the stone are small freshwater gastropods.

Turritella is thought to foster a personal connection with ones past, ancestry, and homeland, while enhancing calm, wisdom and healing.

Prairie Agate

Prairie Agates are found in the Badlands area of South Dakota and Nebraska. Agates are formed when lava cools, and silica laden water is deposited in layers or pockets. These deposits result in beautiful pink, yellow and orange “cloud shaped” patterns.

Agates are thought to promote strength, harmony and stability, also enhancing creativity, courage, self-confidence and a connection to the earth.


Jasper is a microcrystalline variety of quartz closely related to chalcedony. The name Jasper comes from Greek meaning “spotted stone.” Jasper can contain 20% foreign materials, resulting in a tremendous variety of colors and patterns.

Jasper is thought to enhance physical strength and stamina, promote emotional balance, and aid in manifesting creative ideas and projects.


Travertine is a form of limestone created from minerals deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. The terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs are a type of travertine. Pure travertine is white, but iron present at its formation causes it to have a reddish color.

Travertine is thought to have energizing and vitalizing qualities, strengthening self control and clarity of thought.

Sodaltie is a stone we use that does not come from our area. Sodalite is a stone we use that does not come from our area.  All our sodalite pieces are cut and finished from rough stone exactly like our other stones. Sodalite derives its name from the high concentration of sodium in its composition. Streaks of white in the stone are formed by the mineral calcite. Sodalite is thought to promote access to the subconscious, enhancing intuition and providing insight into the self, while increasing mental ability, and reducing stress and anxiety. It is sometimes called the “Wisdom Stone”.