Sodalite Stone

Sodaltie is a stone we use that does not come from our area. Sodalite is a stone we use that does not come from our area.  All our sodalite pieces are cut and finished from rough stone exactly like our other stones. Sodalite derives its name from the high concentration of sodium in its composition. Streaks of white in the stone are formed by the mineral calcite. Sodalite is thought to promote access to the subconscious, enhancing intuition and providing insight into the self, while increasing mental ability, and reducing stress and anxiety. It is sometimes called the “Wisdom Stone”.
Sodalite Dangle Bracelet
Sodalite and White Agate Beads, Silvertone Beads and Clasp, Sodalite Dangle. Length is 8 inches.
Sodalite Pendant Necklace
Sodalite and Copper Beads, Handmade Copper Clasp, Leather Cord. Pendant has Copper Wire inserts and is 49 x 12mm. Length is 19 inches.
Sodalite Pendant
Pendant is 57 x 20mm and has an insert of travertine.