Green and Red  Aventurine is found in the gravel beds of the Yellowstone River. It is actually a quartzite, containing interlocking grains of quartz and other minerals. Small flecks of mica are sometimes contained in the stone.

Aventurine is thought to promote vitality, growth and confidence, and stimulates new growth, optimism, and zest for life.

Aventurine and Copper Pendant Necklace
Aventurine and Reticulated Copper. Aventurine Brads, Copper Beads, Hand-made Copper Clasp, Leather Cord. Pendant is 43 x 3o mm. Length is 20 inches.

Aventurine Pendant Beaded Necklace
Aventurine Beads, Yellow Jasper Beads, Silvertone Clasp and Extender. Aventurine Pendant has a Travertine Insert and is 45 x 16 mm. Length is 17 and ½ inches with a 2 inch Extender.
Aventurine Dangle Bracelet
Aventurine Beads, Silvertone Beads and Clasp, Aventurine Dangle. Length is 8 inches.