Prairie Agate

Prairie Agates are found in the Badlands area of South Dakota and Nebraska. Agates are formed when lava cools, and silica laden water is deposited in layers or pockets. These deposits result in beautiful pink, yellow and orange “cloud shaped” patterns.

Agates are thought to promote strength, harmony and stability, also enhancing creativity, courage, self-confidence and a connection to the earth.

Prairie Agate Pendant
Size is 50 x 17 mm.
Prairie Agate Dangle Bracelet
Yellow Moss Agate Beads, Italian Onyx Beads, Silvertone Beads and Findings. Dangle is a prairie agate. Length is 7 and ½ inches.
Prairie Agate Pendant Beaded Necklace
White Agate Beads, Golden Jade Beads, Silvertone Beads and Findings. Pendant is 53 x 22 mm. Length is 21 and ½ inches with a 2 inch extender.